Philos + Xenos

''Aris and his family were extremely welcoming, providing us with a clean studio, friendly conversation and lots of delicious home made foods…'', Richard M.

Aris and Chritina are just wonderful and we are very much looking forward to seeing them again…, Ammie T.





The term “philoxenia” comes from the greek words “philos” (friend) and “xenos” (stranger) and is one of the Greek words (along with “kefi”) that cannot be fully translated in other languages.


It expresses the way that Greek people traditionally treat strangers as if they were their closest friends! A meaning in English could be “hospitality” although this does not depict the kindness in a 100%.


At Kalypso Studios we believe in the long term friendly (“philos”) relationships and our main aim is for our customers to “feel like home”. We are waiting for you to be one of our new friends!